Our journey starts here.

Welcome to my (your) quest to capture people's attention. Because attention is gold these days. Let's discover what is ahead of us in this journey.

Our journey starts here.
The pixel king has captured your eyeballs with his sacred device. 

Next stop: Attention Land

You and I are about to embark on an incredible journey.

Direction 👉 the epic battle of the attention.

Over the last 50 years, our world evolved from being led successively by gold, petrol, data, and now attention.

It's the currency of our time. And people are paying with it:

  • They decide which platforms they are using
  • The videos they are watching
  • The shops they are browsing
  • The feeds they are scrolling
  • The experiences they decide to go on
  • The music they are listening
  • And so on.


Instead of using my current platforms to attack this topic, I wanted to create something new. This is where Watchtime.quest comes into play.

Watch time is not only the main metric used by YouTube to say if a video is worth recommending or not. It's the proxy metric for everything.

As what we want as creator is:
1. Create cool things
2. Make a living from it

And getting the attention of people is only helpful to accomplish point number 2.

So even if the name of the blog includes watch time, it is a metaphor for all creators trying to catch the attention of their potential customers or consumers.

Let's go on this adventure together.

Photo by Danka & Peter 

Who am I?

Lucas Chevillard, passionate creator since I received one webcam that could be turned into a video camera.

Logitech: ClickSmart 310

Yes, this funny one above.

I created videos in my teenage years for my friends. Then came back to it in 2013 with my first YouTube channel which peaked at 50K subscribers before being left out. That's a story for another time.

Since then I have created many other projects such as:

  • Etsy shop for physical product
  • Shopify for print on demand and physical products
  • Content websites
  • Online course
  • Affiliate website
  • Fiverr Gigs
  • Lifestyle videos like the one below

What to expect on these pages?  

My main goal with this blog is to learn to be a better creator.

YouTube is the most established platform for creators, but I'm fascinated by creators of all sorts and want to cover all of them.

Here are some topics I have in mind:

🧭Discover creators outside of your algorithm recommendation
🛎️Analyze the best creators out there.
💸Monetization strategy for creators
📠Review tools for creators.
🎙️ Review gear for creators
✂️Help creators to solve time-consuming tasks
⚗️Write step-by-step tutorials for complicated tasks.
🗺️ Share learnings from my different projects

🧭Discover creators outside of your algorithm recommendation

How do you find great creators that sit outside of your algorithm recommendation? Let's discover new ones through rabbit hole digging.

🛎️Analyze the best creators out there.

While breaking down successes and failures on different platforms to learn from them.

💸Monetization strategy for creators

Ad views revenue is for sure not the best option for Youtubers anymore. Let's check out all other options available like brand deals, e-commerce, memberships, affiliate marketing, and more.  

📠Review tools for creators.

I have done this in a totally different space: Email Marketing and with the multiplication of tools available for creators, I can see the need to review these as well.

🎙️Review gear for creators

Who doesn't like brand new gears?

⚗️Write step-by-step tutorials for complicated tasks.

Google has been my best place to answer my creator's questions, I want to give back to other creators and make sure they get their questions answered.

✂️Help creators to solve time-consuming tasks.

I spend my days in Zapier to automate recurring tasks that don't need to be done by a human. The creator within the human can spend his time much better elsewhere.

🗺️ Share learnings from my different projects

Share past learnings and future ones like with this blog which is a new project on its own. I plan on building in public and this could be only one of the many more projects to come over the next years.

A secondary goal would be to explore more ways to add values for creators such as:

✔️ Create online courses to foster creator growth.

Online courses are a great way to go deep on one topic quickly. I plan on exploring some free and paid options.

✔️ Treat this project as a community with membership benefits to experiment in the space.

Likeminded people have helped my career all along, I want to foster new relationships around these new topics.

For sure, this list is not static and will evolve. One piece of advice I recently wrote black on white, was to commit to one project for 6 months before starting any other. Let's see how this one goes.

I have a good feeling about this. ✌️

Interested in the creator ecosystem?

You are in the right place.

Let's team up for this adventure and learn together how to grow your creator business. 👇