How to Timestamp Youtube videos?

How to Timestamp Youtube videos?

Are you trying to point to a specific part of a YouTube video and want to link straight to it?
If so, you are in the right place. This article will show you how to timestamp your videos or the ones you want to share with your friends.

What is a YouTube video timestamp?

A timestamp is a text that provides the time information relative to the video you are watching. They are used to share an exact moment in the video and often shared in these places:

  • Video description to serve as a table of content for the video
  • Comments to point other viewers to an interesting part
  • Social media to point people to the video at a precise starting point

How to add Timestamp in the video description?

Timestamps used as a table of content in the video description
  1. Find the time
  2. Write the time as 00:00:00 for HH:mm:ss in the description
  3. Post your comment

How to write a comment with a timestamp?

Timestamp used in a comment
  1. Find the time
  2. Write the time as 00:00:00 for HH:mm:ss in the comment
  3. Post your comment
  1. Navigate to the moment of the video you want to share and pause the video
  2. Click Share video
  3. Select: Start at. The time is when you paused the video.
  4. Copy the URL and share where you wanted to.  

Once you know the trick, you'll see that you can manually add ?t= with the timestamp at the end of any YouTube video URL to share this timed link.  

What is the difference between YouTube Chapters and timestamps?  

YouTube Chapters are slightly different than YouTube timestamps even though they are based on the same information: video time.

They are the better evolution of the feature as they are now integrated into the video and not just in the description as text.

They are for video creators to add sections in their video and help viewers navigates to the part they are most interested in.

Read more about chapters on the YouTube support page.