About Watchtime.quest

Who's behind this?

Lucas aka chelucas on the internet.

In short:

Chief Editor at Watchtime.quest & EmailTech.co.
Videos & Websites Creator.
Growth Marketing at Matchmade.tv
Former Growth Marketing at Home.ht & Airbnb.

Longer version:

​French man living in Berlin, Germany since 2013. The best idea I had so far.

Part-time creator

Been a creator for a while now. As a kid, not too much during my studies but the need came back when I started to work.

I already listed some of my projects in the inception article but here is a more complete list:

  • Etsy shop for physical product
  • Shopify for print on demand and physical products
  • 🕹️Youtube channel for gaming
  • Animated emoji maker
  • Content websites
  • Online courses
  • Affiliate website
  • Fiverr Gigs
  • Lifestyle videos like the one below

Projects in details


This exact website you are currently on. I want to perfect my writing skills and this is my favorite topic. So let's make some magic and see where it goes.

🤩Etsy shop for physical product

I wanted to make one pin for my friends, turns out this is really costly if you make a few. So I figured that if a few of us wanted it, more people could be interested.

Indeed it worked!

Des pins souvent drôles... Mais pas que! par SFOC
Vous avez cherché ceci : SFOC ! Découvrez les articles uniques créés par SFOC. Chez Etsy, nous sommes particulièrement fiers de notre communauté internationale de vendeurs. Chacun d’entre eux contribue à une place de marché internationale rassemblant des objets créatifs. En soutenant SFOC, vous aide…

Shopify for Print on demand and physical products


🤑 Content website

I started to learn Email Marketing 2013 and joined Airbnb as an email marketing specialist in 2014 (you can read about my work back then in this interview with ReallyGoodEmails.com). Since then I have perfected my craft and decided to create a website around the topic.

Find your Email Service Providers, Template Builders, and Email Expert!
Choose and evaluate email service providers with reviews and guides. Evaluate email marketing software, experts and more.

🕹️Youtube channel for gaming

50K Subscribers at peak, 7M views. Countless hours of fun work for not so much return. Learned a ton though.

🇫🇷 Channel

Online course teacher: Email Marketing

Email Marketing Training For Startups
The ClickMinded email marketing course teaches you how to massively increase sales with email marketing & automation as quickly as possible.

Animated emoji maker

How to create custom Discord animated emojis? Tutorial for beginners
Create your own custom Discord animated Emojis easily with this step-by-step tutorial. Learn to make them with Adobe Photoshop or a similar tool in less than 4 minutes.

💭Lifestyle videos like the one below

Inactive channel that I started during a long trip in San Francisco.

💀 Dropshipping website

Had to try, was not satisfied, and had no success. I, unfortunately, gave more money to Facebook.

💀 Amazon affiliate website

Had to try, after hearing about it on a different podcast. Total failure. Paid for some content and keyword research. Didn't renew the domain after 2 years as the pages were not ranking and I was not interested in the project anymore.

Full-time growth marketer

To see full-time occupations over the years, you can check my LinkedIn.

Want to get in touch. Send me a message on Twitter @chelucas